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The SMART drum will create worshops, classes, and weekly activities to meet the needs of your school, community program, non-profit group, or event gathering.

School Districts:


The Smart Drum features the program Beat the Odds created by the UCLArts and Healing Initiative, a member of the UCLA Integrative Medicine community.   Beat the Odds is an evidence based program with an emphasis on social-emotional learning.


It ranges from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the need of the schools and can be weaved into the daily curriculum of the classroom.  This program can be crafted to accomodate Pre-schoolers and increase in level of ability up to meet the needs of High School Teens.


Average class size ranges from 20-35 students per program. Drums are provided as well as instructor.  Follow up study may be supplied depending on client need.


ADD Connection:


This program incorporates art, drama, and drumming into a 6-8 week program that assists students with team building, leadership training, and group cooperation.


This program incorporates professional training models through SEA, the Social-Emotional Arts Network as well as through SHP the Sanford Harmony Program.  These evidence based projects include role playing scenarios,  creative collaborative projects, and how to lead a group in a class project.


EEK: The Emergency Energy Kit


Quick and easy methods to reduce stress fast!  This three week program incorporates stress management methods that are fun and simple to learn.  Using mindfulness practices as suggested by Goldie Hawn in her Minds-up work, this program uses stretches, movement, and drumming to find calm your students busy day.


This program is perfect for an afternoon enrichment program or to support students have anxiety concerns or are trying to balance hectic schedules.








Call to inquire about costs per program and how The SMART drum can meet the needs of your students that are perfectly suited to support harmonious classroom and a thriving school environment.


The SMART drum will also accomodate library programs, educational projects, school assemblies, and special events.










Give us a call:



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