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Lucia Galante Johnson, MS-FHD 

Owner of The SMART Drum.

Lucia is a Health Educator with a Masters of Science degree in Family and Human Development.  She is a certified social-emotional arts instructor as well as a Beat the Odds program facilitator through the UCLArts and Healing Inititiave, a member of the UCLA integrative medicine community.  She has years of experience using the arts as a form of stress management and relaxation techniques to assist children of all ages. 


She is also a researcher on the family systems theory, communication dynamics, and harmonious interactions in the classroom.

Lucia has provided service as a guest lecturer to the medical community including Torrance Memorial, Long Beach Memorial, the Wellness Community, and the YMCA on the importance of stress management.


She has also created programs such as EEK: The Emergency Energy Kit which provides quick and easy steps to reduce stress and regain focus fast! She authored the HPH Factor which emphasizes the balance between Health, productivity, and happiness and is based on a Harvard Medical review study.

She has also developed the ADD Connection where Art, Drama and Drumming come together to assist children with focus concerns.  She has served the special education populations through supportive interactive learning models.


Her research uncovered that our youth are more stressed today due to the rapid pace and schedules, overload of information, and new forms of communication through social media.  Lucia found that a solution to assist with overwhelming speed is through the use of the arts.


The SMART drum uses evidence based programs to support your child's journey towards success both in the school and in social settings. 


Lucia is a Family and Human Development Specialist as well as a Social-Emotional Skills and Learning Educator. 


She has been active with the local school districts throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles area promoting the evidence based programs that provides stress relief, reduce anxiety, increase focus skills and support better grades through leadership models to bring out the best in students.

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